TOGNANA 27 cm 19-Piece Porcelain Metropol Table Set Off-White PENPTBNKR

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100% designed in italyA line designed for you who love the country style and traditions; Each piece has delicate natural floral patternCommercial Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safeMix and Match Elegantly decorated floral designsSearch for: Tognana INFINITYcollection to find great matching product

Tognana Porcelain was established since 1775. IT combines the tradition of noble manufactory with current technological leadership. Tognana is the leading Italian porcelain tableware brand for household and hotel use. Tognana strives to meet and exceed your expectations in quality but also in social resposebablty and ethics. Tognana provides a very wide range of products with Elegance, creativity, inspiration for new aesthetics for everyday, casual occasions or special occasions at home or commercial. The First class raw materials, years of experience and a rigorous quality assurance system, guarantees Tognana porcelain's excellent strength and durability. Washing tests with industrial dish-washers, tests of metallic abrasion and mechanical resistance guarantee the high quality standard and a safe use in industrial dish-washers. Chip resistant edges with no compromise in aesthetics and very low weight increase Hot beverages served in Tognana porcelain retain their heat longer than when served in other ceramics. Dishes are absolutely impenetrable by detergents and organic residues! Tognana Porcelain provides a wide balanced mix of designs in which classic and noble tradition of manufacture of the last century, blend with contemporary design and technology. The renewal of shapes and colors in the material you like from basic, to bone china, stoneware to, the purity of minimalist efficiency of material facts for long life. The wide range of Tognana porcelain allows a continues flux between dinnerware, glasses, cutlery, pots, serve ware. imited danger in case of breakage: Unlike glass, which breaks into many dangerous shards, porcelain breaks cleanly into more safely manageable pieces.

Box Contains

1 x 19 Piece Table Set,

TOGNANA 27 cm 19-Piece Porcelain Metropol Table Set Off-White PENPTBNKR

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